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What Our Young People Say

TSOG has taught me so much more than just engineering; it’s given me practical life skills that I will use forever. It’s made me much more confident with talking to new people, when working as a team, or when talking in front of an audience about what we do. We often go to shows where everyone interacts with the public and we work with sponsors to make sure they’re up to date with our work. But at the same time, TSOG let’s you work at your own pace and everyone involved is supportive and friendly. What we do never gets boring because of all the different projects that come our way and we’re all eager to get involved.

Myles Harrand

( TSOG Young Learner )

When I was asked to help run The Spirit of Goole I had no idea what it would entail. It gave me the confidence to finally apply for my dream job within the Royal Air Force, now two years into the forces and TSOG still support me through everything. During my time at TSOG I made friends for life, had a lot of life experience and a lot of work experience, I achieved awards for things I never knew I had experience in like the Royal aeronautical society navigation competion and had the chance to meet Prince Phillip twice! I also received a certificate of recognition from Breitling. It's been a pleasure to be part of TSOG since the very beginning and to see it grow to what it is now gives me a lot of pride.

Katie Dennis

( Inspired TSOG to start and joined as a young learner - now in the RAF as a technician )

TSOG has provided me with the opportunity not only to meet new people around my age and make new friends but also meet people with the industry experience of aerospace engineering. I have been able to experience aeronautical engineering and there isn’t a group like this anywhere else close to me. I have been able to enjoy engineering, building and maintaining aircraft, which has been a big interest of mine, whilst then flying the aircraft and building hours towards my PPL. This has also helped with my fear of heights. Overall my time at TSOG has been very enjoyable and I would recommend anyone with an interest in engineering to join, or if you’re not sure, have a go it’s great and you'll make lot's of new friends along the way.

Ed Ford

( TSOG Young Learner )

Through TSOG I have made new friends, gained skills and obtained memories that I don't think I would get anywhere else.

Joseph Richardson

( TSOG Young Learner )

TSOG has helped me with a lot of different skills, the most important being teamwork, the team spirit within this group of amazing people is huge, as well as the skills in which I was taught that have helped me in day to day life.

Adam Brown

( TSOG Young Learner )

Over the years which I have been working with the Spirit of Goole, I have learned a great deal. This ranging from engineering to teamwork. In the end, it has helped me secure an apprenticeship on the railway.

Ryan Judge

( Joined TSOG as a young learner and is now a railway engineer as well as a trustee of the charity )

My time as a member of TSOG has been a life changing experience for me. I have learnt so much during my time there and feel that it has made me a much more skilful person. Not only has TSOG helped me improve my technical skills but my mind-set too, as I feel I am now a much more confident and optimistic individual then when I first started at the age of 13. At the time I would never have believed that a bunch of kids would be capable of achieving so much or dare talk to members of the public I've never met about something I'm passionate about. TSOG has also hugely improved the quality of my social life too as thanks to its fun, friendly atmosphere I have met many of my best friends through TSOG.

Kean Noon

( Joined TSOG as a young learner but now he's older helps run the charity - we just can't get rid of him! )

TSOG gave me a good understanding of the aviation world and engineering. I'm currently in the RAF and TSOG helped give me a head start in my training. It's a fun, friendly atmosphere which makes it all the more worthwhile.

Dominic Storey

( Joined TSOG as a young learner - now an aircraft technician in the RAF )

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