Our Adult Volunteers

We are a Registered Charity (Registered with the Charities Commission no, 1159086) run purely on a voluntary basis, meaning that all of our professionals, trustees and other volunteers do so from the goodness of their heart.  (They do have a heart, we promise).  All of our adults have had the appropriate CRB or DBS checks performed on them as required for their role in the charity.

You can find more information about our adult volunteers below.

Jack Milnes


Michelle Brown


Kean Noon


Andy Pearson

(Trustee and Pilot)

John Cook

(LAA Inspector/Volunteer)

Ryan Judge


Steve Jackson


Bill Sables


John Walton


Nick Barnett


Martin Seed


Clive Colbridge


John Binks


Can You Help! As a charity the more we raise the more we can do.