Quality of Teaching

The Sprit of Goole doesn’t just teach the young people it works with the technical skills that it does, it teaches them well.  Almost all of our adult volunteers which help teach the young people skills are professionals with certifications or industry experience in their specialist field.  This allows them to teach the youths at TSOG to a very high standard to the stage where they are very competent at the technical skills themselves.

Other than, of course, the final results of our projects, here are some other examples demonstrating the high level of skill our youths have developed and therefore the high standard of work they are able to produce:

Quality of Airframe within Build a Plane Project

After having vigorously inspected our aircraft’s fuselage whilst the aircraft was still under construction, John Cook LAA (Light Aircraft Association) Inspector No 297, had this to say about it’s quality:

“Today I inspected the fuselage section of the Sherwood Ranger being built by the students of Goole School and found it to be exactly as designed. These students have shown an ability far beyond their years and I want to commend them on their hard work and enthusiasm for this project. I look forward to seeing the future stages of the build as they skilfully change hundreds of parts into a British designed aircraft. Well Done.”

This demonstrates the high level of work the young people were able to produce with our training.



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