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The Spirit of Goole is aiming to give all of our students the opportunity to gain air-experience flights, hours of flying they can log as progress towards gaining their private pilot’s license (PPL), as well as eventually become a pilot.

Although TSOG has successfully provided its young members with many air-experience flights and managed to allow some of its pupils to obtain loggable flying hours towards their PPL, it has not been easy.  Raising the money to provide young people with flying lessons is challenging which is why we are currently in the process of raising the money to allow our qualified B1 Category Cadet instructor to become licensed to log flying hours with civilians too.

However, until then, our young learners are unable to have any flying hours logged, which is why we are looking for qualified flight instructors who would be willing to volunteer their time, to teach and log flying hours with our students.  If you believe that this describes you and you are willing to help, please contact us!

If this does not describe you, you can still help by providing us with a donation!  Thank you!

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