To teach young people all of the skills we do requires teachers!  If you are competent within a STEM-based industry or specialise within a STEM-based subject and think you have what it takes to teach young people your skill, why not give it a shot!  We are always happy to take on volunteers who are willing to help teach our young members new skills and help develop the ones they already have – and it’s a lot of fun too!

If you would like to become one of TSOG’s adult volunteers or get further information on what it would involve, please contact us.

There are a couple of requirements you must meet to become a member of our team, however:

  • Be willing to have the appropriate CRB or DBS checks performed on you.
  • Understand that you are joining to help our young members above all else, not just for personal gain.
  • Have good “banter” and not “be boring” (sorry, our young members forced us to have this as a requirement).

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