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Remembrance Day Poppy Drop

This weekend, G-TSOG dropped 10,000 poppies over an event at Winterton pavilion for remembrance day to pay respects to the true heroes of our nation.

Please consider donating to The Royal Britsih Legion at…/ways-to…/make-a-donation/

Our pilot Andy Pearson and one of our students Kean Noon were the people who performed this drop.

Massive thank you to Liz Hannah for providing us with these photographs.

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Prize Draw Results

Very please to announce the results and lucky winners of the grands prize draw as follows.

Prize Winner Ticket Number
1. £1000.00 Cash Prize Robert McIlroy 7451
2. Flight in a Vintage aircraft Jane Turner 1536
3. Wing Walk Experience Margret Dymoke 1539
4. Breitling Flying Jacket Rob fleming 12101
5. Leather Flying Jacket Tom Hope 12246
6. 10 x Tickets to Yorkshire Paintball Center T Pearsey 6743
7. 10 x Tickets to Yorkshire Paintball Center Andrew Watson 361
8. Hand Carved Custom Leather Belt Louise Gould 1573
9. Aviation Theme Wall Clock Ray Radcliffe 9801
10. Pair of Heated Gloves Pradeep Sahare 9710
11. Glenfidich Callum Middleton 9906

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New Patron For The Spirit Of Goole

Colonel Charles Blount (Charlie) has agreed to act as Patron to the Spirit Of Goole, Charlie was a cavalry officer in the 13th/18th Royal Hussars and then a helicopter pilot and colonel of the Army Air Corps.

Jack said: “we are very excited to have Charlie supporting our charity and lending his name to causes, Charlie Helped us out by allowing our test pilot, Simon Johnston have a check ride in G-YELP so he had a “frame of reference” before taking G-TSOG to the sky’s. it is great that Charlie has now agreed to be Patron for The Spirit Of Goole… Welcome on Board Charlie and Thank You for your support”


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Youngsters Visit JET2 Engineering Hangar

Last weekend TSOG visited at The Maintenance Hangar at Leeds-Bradford airport

The Jet2 Maintenance team group took them on a behind the scenes look around a B737-800 undergoing its scheduled maintenance check. With its panels and seats out, they were able to look into the aircraft’s workings not usually seen by the public, noting some of the similarities (and differences!) between our two-seat Sherwood Ranger biplane and a large Jet2 aircraft.

Senior First Officer Dave Bradbrook – B757 and Marcus Mountcastle – Leeds Hangar Manager did a fantastic job showing the students around and many left with ambitions to return to for a career in a few years’ time.

A big thank you to and their staff for an enjoyable visit.

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Youth Aviation Centre Appeal

With the news that the air cadets are seriously cutting back on flying, The Spirit Of Goole has decided to fill some of the void in youth aviation.

Since we started the Spirit Of Goole, we have begged, borrowed and stolen workspace for the Sherwood Ranger Build A Plane, but it is now time to build on our many successes and passion to encourage youth aviation.

We are going to establish a youth aviation centre and register as an ATO with the CAA, somewhere young people can come and learn all the skills needed to build aeroplanes and gain their PPL, providing ground school, air experience, gliding and PPL training.

It is going to be a big ask… we need to raise £850,000 to purchase a “base of operations”, a local airfield that will provide the centre for youngsters from North, South, East and West Yorkshire as well as Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

The How, What and Where for all.

The Spirit Of Goole is a registered charity and our constitution allows us to work with young people from 13 – 21 years of age. By raising this money, we will not only be owning the airfield and hangarage, we will be able to convert some out building to a shower/toilet block and establish camping facilities to hold aviation weekend from April till September for up to 40 youngsters and establish workshop space (in portacabins) to run the engineering courses and build a plane projects. Winter accommodation will be provided in static caravans from September to April.

We intend to use SLMG primarily for the 13 – 15 age group for gliding, allowing at least some to gain their solo at 14, then move them on at 16 – 21 for PPL training using our group A aircraft, as well as this we will operate air experience flight for groups that will attend aviation weekends in our Chevvron Motor gliders and the Sherwood Ranger XP. Young people that gain their glider PPL will also be able to use the single seat V tailed glider that we have been given to gain even more flight experience.

Training programmes will be developed to cover both good and bad weather conditions, good weather will allow flying activities, and when not possible to fly, engineering, build a plane, aircraft maintenance and ground school lessons.

We estimate that we can facilitate upwards of 500 youngsters over a year and as we develop and build on the base to increase this to over 2000.

How to help.

Obviously, we need to raise this huge amount of money so anyone willing to help with a one-off donation would be brilliant, or can you spare just £3 a month. We will also be applying for grants and organising fundraising events.

Once we have raised the money, we will need extra volunteers to help, from Flight instructors and PPL’s to ground school, engineers and people to help out with cooking and general supervision. We would love to hear from anyone that wants to help. And if you fancy doing a fundraising event like a skydive or wing walk we would really appreciate it.

I hope that you like what we are planning and can help and share our posts and requests for help with all your friends so we can all inspire the future generation to aim high, think big, achieve something amazing!

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LAA Permit to fly applied for…..

Everyone at The Spirit of Goole is super excited as we have completed test flying out Sherwood Ranger Biplane and we have applied for our permit to fly.

We can’t wait to get flying!



Can You Help! As a charity the more we raise the more we can do.