The D-Motor

Our Sherwood Ranger XP is equipped with an engine from D-Motor, specifically, their LF26 model.

The specifications for the LF26 D-Motor are as follows:

LF26 specifications

Type D- motor LF 26
Class Microlight aircrafts
Engine  Four cylinders, four stroke, liquid cooled
Displacement 2690 cc
Stroke 80 mm
Compression ratio 8/1
Max Power 91.8 hp (67.5KW) at 3000 RPM
Max Continuous Power 88.8 hp (65.3KW) at 2800 RPM
Used Fuel 91, 93,95 oct. 98 oct. or avgas
Maximum Torque 220 Nm at 2500 RPM
Intake Multipoint sequential fuel injection
Alternator 25 Amp integrated
Electric Starter 1.1 KW intergrated
Ignition Double
Installed dry weight (liquids 5kg) 58 kg (battery and liquids not included)


For more information about the D-Motor LF26 visit their website at

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